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Sort of dark times are coming to me, hooray!
So yep, considering this is pretty much my only skill apart from flipping burgers I will see if I can make my drawings a little profitable.
Also, it would be a good motivator for me to practice even more so I can improve my skills and charge more then sell more on an infinite loop that will repeat itself until I win $5,000.00 from a drawing on a napkin.
1.- Can't do porn
2.- Nothing too complex pwease, I'm still a little nubish
3.- I will deliver a drawing without a mig ol watermark in it after I receive mah monies
4.- I will draw more examples (This is a rule for myself)
5.- Payment only via paypal

So yep, I will leave 10 slots open for the first ones to come and will do my best in each request.
Also I usually just draw ponies, but I could try other things, who knows.
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Ikariuga Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You know the fun part? I forgot to add the prices.
So it will be just a buck for a sketch, you can see my newer, older, etc sketches to know what to expect. Also only traditional media, my tablet is not working at the moment.
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Submitted on
May 7, 2012